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Board of Directors

Christian Darby

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Christian Darby serves as Board Treasurer. He has a Masters-degree in Business Administration from Stanford University. He has an extensive business background and specializes in telemarketing sales and introducing new consumer products to the market. He lives in Las Vegas and is interested in public/private/non-profit collaboration to create innovative solutions to unmet human needs. Treasurer since 2016.

Susan Guinn

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Susan Guinn serves as Board President and is an attorney with her own practice in San Diego specializing in civil litigation. She served on the Board of Equality California and is the founder of Kids - Eco - Club, which is a public/private educational organization concerned about environmental issues through the school system.

Rev. Canon Albert Ogle

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Rev. Canon Albert Ogle serves as Executive Director. As an Episcopalian priest he has served in a number of parishes and non-profit organizations in Southern California. He has expertise in developing coalitions of religious and secular organizations to provide health and human services in California, nationally, and in Uganda, particularly around HIV issues. He moved to Millbrook, New York, in late 2014 to begin a new ministry as Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Lithgow which has allowed him to connect more closely with East Coast institutions.

Linda Miles

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Linda Miles serves as Board Secretary. She is a retired executive from Qualcomm Incorporated where she directed three teams of technical editors and writers. While there she created a gay/straight alliance of employees that worked with PFLAG San Diego to recruit speakers and operate booths at employee fairs. She holds a major in English and a minor in sciences from the University of Colorado. She has won writing awards for technical manuals including a Best of Show in California. She has written computer and humor books for major publishers. She is co-producer of Love Heals Homophobia, a documentary short that seeks to change attitudes of religious people who are anti-gay. She and her husband have helped St. Paul’s Foundation and Catholic Charities in the resettlement of two LGBT refugees. She volunteers for local theater companies and animal rescue groups. She is interested in training and self-sustaining projects for women in Uganda.

David Ricks

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David began his financial advisor career with Merrill Lynch1982. For the past 12 years, he has been Vice President-Senior Risk Manager with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in San Diego and Palm Desert. He attended Eastern Michigan and the University of Colorado and holds registrations in Life/Health, Annuity and Long Term Care Insurance licenses. He is also an ice dancing gold medalist and past tri-athlete. The past 10 years, he volunteers as Head Figure Skating Coach for Southern California and has attended two World Games with Special Olympics. He is a past board member for Sports for Exceptional Athletes. He also enjoys ballroom dance competition, swimming, cycling, & rollerblading in his spare time. He is active with the Equality Professionals Network in San Diego and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Richard Parkins

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Richard retired from a 28-year career working with refugees and immigrants in both the US Government and the private sector. Richard served as director of Episcopal Migration Ministries, the refugee resettlement and assistance arm of the Episcopal Church, for 14 years. During that period he served as Chair of the Refugee Council USA - an umbrella organization of resettlement and human rights organizations working nationally and internationally for the rights and protection of refugees and asylum seekers. After serving with the Ford Foundation in India, the Asian Development Bank in Malaysia, the World Bank in Thailand, and the UNDP in Jamaica, Richard became the first Director of Operations for the newly created Office of Refugee Resettlement overseeing assistance programs for refugees being resettled in the US. He subsequently served in senior positions for private refugee organizations and was Director of Refugee Policy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Richard has visited refugee situations in West Africa (Sierra Leone and Liberia), East Africa (Tanzania). For the past eight years, he has focused on South Sudan, visiting both those displaced by the decades of civil war in that country as well as those uprooted by the recent conflict now raging in South Sudan. He has been a long term volunteer with the Foundation and assisted with the Spirit of 76. He has helped many international visitors to DC and has worked with LGBTI refugees. Richard also attends St. Albans on the Hill in Washington DC.

Eileen Blumenthal

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Eileen has a background in early child development through teaching in the Head Start program with children of migrant workers in New Jersey. After finishing her doctorate at the University of Michigan she was Associate Director of a program in child and family policy at the university. She moved to Washington D.C., to work for Representative Sander Levin and later Senator Patrick Moynihan. She joined the Peace Corps and served in Nepal for two years and then worked in orphanages in Romania with children with HIV. She moved to Honduras, setting up a small NGO to work in a village developed by the Episcopal Church, and expanded a long term companion relationship with the Diocese of Washington. This was further maintained by a Foundation “Action for Community Transformation”. In 2005 Eileen was awarded the Lillian Carter Award (given to returning Peace Corps volunteers who later expanded their experience with other service) for her international work. Action for Community Transformation “ACT” also developed projects in Kenya working with HIV testing and training centers. She started volunteering with the St Paul’s Foundation in 2012, working with LGBT refugees and our work with the World Bank over the past four years. Eileen is a proud member of St. Mark’s Church on Capitol Hill, well known for its commitment to local and international social justice.

S.N. Nyeck

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S.N. Nyeck is a scholar of African descent. She is interested in the idea of freedom as development. In her academic work and social engagement, she is interested in ideas, institutions, and strategies that  harness the best resources from the public and the private sectors to foster innovative and thriving societies. In the field of governance and development, Nyeck has published on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the context of  gender equality and public procurement reform in Africa.  Her book, Public Procurement Reform and Governance Mechanisms in Africa (Palgrave-Macmillan 2016) shapes the debate over institutional reform and socio-political transformation in public-private partnerships in 21st century Africa.

Her work in social justice includes presenting the first statement on LGBT rights at the African Commission on  Human and People's Rights in 2006. With M. Epprecht, she co-edited the book Sexual Diversity in Africa: Politics, Theory and Citizenship (McGill-Queen's University, 2013) while leading the first African network of sexuality studies scholars. Nyeck is an international speaker and the author of  several other publications on LGBT issues  ranging from social mobilization to political strategy to religion and ethics.