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Transparency and Accountability

The Foundation places great value on transparency and accountability both in terms of its relations with funding sources and its own relations, in turn, with client groups. The Foundation assisted the St Paul’s Centre Kampala with establishing the Quickbooks accounting system for its operations in 2011-212 and we use it ourselves. There is also a designated bank account and auditor contracted with the Foundation for all financial transactions in Uganda. She is also available to potential partner organizations through a health consortium also using our support .
On our side, the Foundation complies with the” best practice” accounting and auditing concepts of its funding sources as well as those of the IRS. Copies of 990’s are filed on our website. We have filed financial reports with the Ford Foundation, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Levi Straus and other donors.
The Foundation uses an (independent of the Board of Directors) auditing committee to monitor its financial operations and is in the process of engaging the services of an auditing firm. Client groups are expected to follow this model as well. The Foundation sees fiscal responsibility as a sign of maturity and sustainability. It is an essential aspect of good management and effective project implementation. It is a key goal in the capacity building strategies the Foundation offers to its client groups.