For the past 6 years, the St. Paul’s Foundation is focused on the intersection of human rights, health, education, and faith.

We provide resources for emerging grass roots organizations and leaders in the Global South by assisting local organizations in creating:

• Educational and cross cultural exchanges where religion and culture appear to be in conflict with human rights or equal access to health, education and employment.
• Conferences, panels and presentations of key expertise on critical and controversial issues
• Educational programs in North America, Africa and the Caribbean where we seek partner congregations, foundations, and organizations to provide funds, technical assistance, and advocacy so that marginalized groups can be engaged more effectively in the larger civil society dialogues.
• Inclusive employment opportunities to provide income and resources for the whole community to alleviate extreme poverty.
• Mentoring young leaders to be change agents in their own communities.

By following the inclusive principles of St. Paul and implementing and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals, the UNAIDS Declaration, and the Declaration of Human Rights, communities have more to gain through dialogue and collaboration than through division and stigmatizing minority communities.

The Foundation was created in 2010 as an IRS 501©3 non-profit corporation and is a registered California charity (80-0647355).
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