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Our Accomplishments


Technical Assistance visit to Uganda for the St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Center.
First education tour of the USA for bishop Christopher Senyonjo targeting supportive congregations.
First UN meeting building alliances between USA faith and secular organizations for inclusive programs in Uganda.


Elton John AIDS Foundation expands HIV education and testing programs to “most at risk” groups in Uganda.
A full time women’s coordinator is hired to develop brick making projects in Kampala
A second and third educational tour is held for Bishop Christopher Senyonjo allowing him to expand his ministry of advocacy and inclusion in Uganda. He receives the Alumni Award at Union Theological Seminary in New York
Attended the UNAIDS High Level meeting to discuss the future world AIDS plan and advocated for “most at risk” populations
80 Faith and secular leaders are sponsored to develop the COMPASS Coalition (Coalition on Minority Protection Against Sexual Stigma) to counter American-based religious homophobia in Africa.


Continued Elton John AIDS Project in Uganda and developed a model training program of inclusion for physicians and nurses in Uganda.
Created a women’s crafts and clothing program with expanding markets in the USA
Opened an office in Nairobi to assist LGBT refugee and asylum seekers and provided support for our first four asylum seekers
Sponsored a fourth tour for Bishop Christopher Senyonjo who was named Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride Parade and won the competition to name the 2012 Pride theme - “Global Equality”.
Sponsored 26 gay and straight individuals representing 76 countries where it is illegal to be LGBT, to attend The Spirit of 76 initiative and International AIDS Conference.
Launched “Erasing 76 Crimes” blog to provide detailed research and information on the effects of criminalizing homosexuality globally
Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and Pepe Onziama received Clinton Global Awards, signifying the first LGBT interest of the Clinton Global Initiative in LGBT rights and access to services.
Canon Albert Ogle is given awards by Equality California and the Diocese of San Diego for his global ministry.
The Episcopal Church General Convention passes a resolution in support of funding inclusive ministries abroad.

The Foundation became very active in Cameroon following the brutal murder of journalist and Executive Director of CAMFAIDS, Eric Lembembe
Supported the Cameroonian delegation to attend the meeting of the African Commission on Peoples and Human Rights to demand the government respond to Lembembe’s murder
We continued to support the work of the St Paul’s Center in Kampala and finished the research on HIV among Men Who have Sex (MSM) with Men in Kampala through Elton John AIDS Foundation
We were the first organization to present a panel on LGBTI as an issue of global poverty at the World Bank.
The Foundation was deeply involved with the bishop’s tours with the educational films God Loves Uganda and Call Me Kuchu.
Board member Lindy Miles worked to produce a wonderful new video resource “Love Heals Homophobia” targeting African American religious leaders and churches.

We sponsored many emerging activists to visit the USA including Angeline Jackson and helped make a short video on the work of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica. We also worked closely with Rev. MacDonald Sembrenka and Bishop Tengatenga of Malawi.
The Foundation held a panel and showing of the film God Loves Uganda at the National Cathedral.
We supported the health and advocacy work of Lungujja Community Health Caring Organization (LUCOHECO) in Kampala with funding and technical support for the women’s development programs by Maxensia Nakibuuka. Maxensia also presented at conferences in Cameroon and USA on gender and LGBTI equality.
Through the work of the Erasing 76 Crimes Blog and Andy Kopsa, we raised awareness about the conditions for LGBTI people in the prisons in Cameroon while supporting the remarkable work of Michel Tongue.
Maxensia Nakibuuka, Angeline Jackson and Albert Ogle presented at a “Women and Peace-building” conference in San Diego’s Roman Catholic university
Albert Ogle was part of an important delegation to the World Bank’s senior management and President Jim Kim, continuing our advocacy for a SOGI Advisor (finally was announced in 2016)

We provided funds for Earthquake relief in Nepal through the Blue Diamond Society.
We provided experts for a panel at the African Sexual and Reproductive Rights Conference in Cameroon in 2015.
We provided support and planning for a panel at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2015 “Women of Faith, Women of Doubt” at the Riverside Church, NY. Representative women presented Ugandan, Cameroonian and Jamaican perspectives
Albert Ogle was invited to present a paper on UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a reconciliation model at the International Interfaith Conference in Havana in 2015.
We supported Bishop Griselda Del Carpio Delgado’s east coast tour of USA in 2015 and assisted with her seminary fund and connection with resources and partners for her Cuban ministry.

We established a new East Coast presence when Albert Ogle moved from San Diego to New York and participate in various UN related events including a sub-committee of the Human Rights Council monitoring LGBTI exclusion from the Sustainable Development Goals.
Colin Stewart was given the Hero Award and State of California recognition in March for his successful blog “Erasing 76 Crimes” blog which now has a readership of 1.6 million since it was created. It became tri-lingual this year.
We connected Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis with Erasing 76 Crimes blog and Richard Parkin’s reconciliation work in Southern Sudan to get $20k in grants.
We are organizing our first tour of Cuba in June 2016 in the hope of learning how different UNESCO and religious resources and connections can advance reconciliation and healing.
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